Why We Should Learn How To Write?

Created on Tuesday, 17 April 2007

The writing I mean here includes many like blogging (online journaling), writing on your book, writing to send as email, writing articles and etc. Regardless of what types of writing, it is important to write. There are many good reasons why we should write or learn to write, but here are some:
  • Writing helps us to be more clear-minded - I would say the below two benefits are the result of this first one.
  • Writing helps us to pray - When our mind become more clear-minded, this helps us to pray as what the bible says so in 1 Peter 4: 7.
  • Writing helps us our relationship with people - When we are more clear about ourselves, it is easier to share to your friends about ourselves. You can use writing to disclosure yourselves (i.e. blogging, letters, emails, sms) or you can write first, and then disclosure verbally. In either way, when you disclosure yourself, people will know and understand you better and thus this helps your relationship with your friends.

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