A Few Good Business Partners

Created on Monday, 9 June 2014

Seeking for a Business Partner who ...

  • is unhappy in his/her current job.
  • loves to learn and likes personal growth or self-improvement. Wanna improve in your communication skill? Leadership skill? People skill? Marketing skill? Business skill?
  • loves challenges. I expect many are afraid of challenges nowadays because this is not easy indeed. But the positive note is we do provide training (as the above skills), seminar, mentoring. The best part is all free of charge! Woohoo!
  • loves his own health and interested to go a little deeper into health and wellness. Do you know that wellness industry is growing extremely fast since 1996? Try to check it out this book called "The Wellness Revolution" by Paul Zane Pilzer.
  • is determined and able to make some commitment (time) to learn especially the first few months.

What is NOT (Guaranteed!)?

  • It is NOT a pyramid scheme. I can assure and show to you why.
  • It is NOT a quick rich scheme. "The two most powerful warriors are patience and time. so remember: great achievements take time, there is no overnight success - Leo Tolstoy"
  • It does NOT required a lot of capital (you can't believe it after I tell you the 'capital').
  • It is not a SCAM. This personal website has been since 2004 and'you can look for me every Sunday in my church.

What you will gain? Self-improvement - You will not only earn exponentially but your character, attitude and self-growth will be developed too.

What you will lose (at the end)? NOTHING :) At the NOTHING :) At the end of the day, after some months and you still feel that this is not what you want, you are free to quit anytime with no obligation. But if you straight aways reject it, you might loose some good opportunity which is just right in front of you. You also gain some knowledge about health at the end at least.

Contact me if for a drink to hear more this business opportunity with no obligation at the end :) By the way, this business is 100% legal and the company is registered and already more than 20 years operating in Malaysia.