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Created on Saturday, 14 October 2006
Edited on Thursday, 29 March 2007

Name: Hoodwinked
Category: Investigation and Humor
My Blog: I brought this DVD from S&M and it's just less than RM10! And I love it so much. The original language is English and dubbed into Cantonese. I chose Cantonese dub when I watched it and I love their voices. The animation is great. The plot is totally unpredictable. And my favorite character, guess who? The grandma. cool seeing her doing all the stunts for the extreme sports. Very clean and enjoyable movie for me.

Name: UpsideDown
Category: Christianity
Description: Mainly about Peter in the book of Acts.
My Blog: Recently (October 2006) I re-watch a movie called Upsidedown. Haven't finish watching yet, just around half-way. Feel a little difficulty to continue because of 2 reasons. First, the DVD only provide a way to jump to a the first 6 chapters only. If I want to continue I need to start again from chapter 6. Secondly, the freeware DVD player doesn't have feature to skip. Anyway, I would to write down which scene I like the most.
  • I like the scene when Paul contronted Peter about his hypocrisy about the Jews. How Peter replied back to Paul is so awesome and humble. Looking at Paul, with a hand on Paul's shoulder, he said, "You're right." And when Peter's wife said, "But, you don't have to do it among so many people." Peter look at her as if he is saying, "No, it's ok." What a beautiful scene by Peter.
  • Another one is when the old lady saying the story to the children. The children said Paul is better because Paul preach to the world while Peter just stay in Jeruselam. The reason Peter want to stay in Jeruselam because that place is very special to him, a place for him to remember Jesus, something like that. Gota watch back. These scene moved me to tears. Thank God for that because has been so long, I never been moved to tears like this. I think the last time is when I watch the movie Passion of Christ somewhere last year.

Name: Rob-B-Hood
Category: Comedy & Thrilling
Description: -
My Blog: Yesterday, I watched this movie my with group and friends. It is a good movie, with lots of humor and unexpectated plot. Before I watch this movie, I have no idea at all what this movie is all about. I thought it will be just another movie. My negativity. Hehe..

Back to my review of this movie, these are something I like in this movie:
  • the cool scene when both, Jacky and Louis climb up to the roof top from the window. Pretty cool.
  • During the thrilling moment of saving the baby when the baby car stuck in the security guard car, Jacky told Louis to quickly take the baby. Louis reply "Of course, you think I am here for the sunlight?" in a mild tone of voice. Hehe..
  • Also, after that is when all the car smash at each other. The sequence is nice. Jacky take the baby basket before the car, hit the baby car. Then, he looked relieved only a split second later realize the lorry is coming toward him and he get out of the car. The lorry hit the car. And he is in the middle of the road. A car coming towards him but manage to stop just right before him with a little space and because of that he need to lift up the baby basket. Then, the enemy car also coming toward him from opposite behind direction and break the car horizontally , also just before him with little space. He relieved and quickly get out of that little space and right after that, another car bang the enemy's car to close up Jacky place, where he stand just now. Wow! Good combo. Nice.
  • another funny humor is during road block, Hui Koon Ying's dialogue with Louis.
      Koon Ying: How can you become a thief without a license?
      Louis: What that has to do with it?
      Koon Ying: Thief need to drive ma.
    Hehe.. what kind of talk is this? Hehe... total nuts.
  • and then, funny agile move exchanging seat with one another. Wow! so, quick. How they did it?
  • creative jacky's style of avoiding the roaster coaster by jumping to the other lane and hanging using his hands. So risky because the roller coaster is pretty fast.
  • a cute scene from the baby. When Jacky went back to rescue Louis, when the baby see Louis, his head turn back to Jacky's chest as if saying "Don't want to look. Afraid."
  • the funny movement from jacky in the toilet. Like playing a kind of game.
  • in the hospital. it is funny to see the the guard/police who initially chase them turn to chase the crazy man.
  • combo/related humor. when they steal thing in hospital, they steal also medicine and later drop them. Hehe..
  • when the bad guy ask Jacky where the baby is in the nursery center. Louis saw it and went to them to help out. He said, "My English name is baby." Haha..
  • touching scene. when louis wife sell thing in front of the reataurant. so pity.
  • connection. i feel the whole movie is very well connected to each other. Example, Hui Koon Ying as the lock guru, is needed to save them at the end, to open the most difficult lock.
  • the uniqueness is using a baby. not easy because need to finish up fast and on time because baby will grow up fast. also after reading the press conference of them in kl, the difficult part is the baby. the security of the baby and also it is not easily to get the baby to do what you want to. And the baby only 'work' 8 hours a day. Takes 3 days to make one shot when the baby die, Jacky poke him. Also using baby who is so fragile in all the dangerous stunt create more thrilling effect.
  • the cool scene when one of them throw the bag of money to block the door from closing. cool.
  • the unexpected long scene at the end so humorous. acting in an act.