Eat Less Meat

Meat is one of the most dangerous foods you can eat - more dangerous even than sugars or salt. And the worst meat, pork.

Why you should eat less meat?

1. Full of chemicals

How all over the world, fields are being treated with poisonous chemicals (fertilizers and pesticides). These poisons are retained in the bodies of the animals that eat the plants and grasses. Once these poisons are retained, they are very difficult to break down.

Scientists say this chemical can cause cancer and serious liver disease.

Eating at the "top" (end) of the food chain, humans become the final consumer and thus become the recipient of the highest concentration of poisonous pesticides.

2. Full of diseases

The tumors and growths may go undetected or simply ignored by the meat producers or inspectors. Often, if an animal has cancer or a tumor in a certain part of its body, the cancerous part will be cut away and the rest of the body sold as meat.

Worse, the tumors themselves will be incorporated into mixed meats such as hot dogs and labeled "parts". In one area of America, where there is routine inspection of slaughtered animals, 25000 cattle with eye cancers were sold as beef!

Scientists have found experimentally that if the liver of a diseased animal is fed to a fish, the fish will get cancer.

3. Full of animals' body toxins

Just before and during the agony of being slaughtered, the biochemistry of the terrified animal undergoes big changes.

The hormone level in the animals' blood - especially the hormone adrenalin - changes radically as they see other animals dying around them and they struggle for life and freedom.

These large amounts of hormones remain in the meat and later poison the human tissue.

4. Full of decay

Meat passes very slowly through the human digestive system, which is not designed to digest it. It takes meat about 5 days to pass out of the body (as opposed to vegetarian food, which takes only 1 days. The longer the meat stay in the body, the more disease it will cause to the body.

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