MSN Messenger: -/+

Written by Steve Ngai on 7 July 2006
Last Edited on Wednesday, 23 January 2008

I realize that connected to MSN Messenger (MM) or any other online chatting software has its problems especially during working hour. I did some analysis of it and this is my result.

Problems of MSN Messenger:
  • Lack of understanding (root problem). Meaning, that person doesn't realize the problems of MM and the good use of MM.
  • When you are connected to it, psychologically you feel that that person just very near to you. And normally, we will talk to someone when someone is just next to you especially among Christian. And you feel uneasy when you don't talk to that person or vice versa.
  • Boundary. Being too connected mean out of boundary. It is when you feel addicted to be connected to it. When you feel anxious when you are not connected to it. When it bothers you when no one chat with you. You need to always look at it to check it you are connected to it (Solution *).
  • Distraction. This problem happens when someone who is lack of understanding who initiate a deep chat with you. Ie "How are you? How's life?". MM is not the best mode of communication for relationship because of many reasons.
  • Affect work productivity.
  • Frustration. When someone inititate heavy/deep chat with you. Or when someone doesn't have this MM understanding or knows how to make good use of it. MM shouldn't be for heavy chatting. Best form of communication still face to face verbal communication. Secondly through phone.

Most problems are related to each other and I might repeat it. Maybe when I manage to sort them out, I will edit it. Anyway, MM does have its good and many a times this cause frustration. It is always this dillema "Should I get connected or not?". The solutions is to know these problems and be understanding. Below are how we can make good use of it.

  • create availability for short message.
  • replace sms. Sms is intended for sending short message, example, "What time will you be at chuch?", "Are we meeting up tonite?", "You have his handphone number?". It is good to use msn because it is free and also realtime interaction, which is better compare to email or sms or calling.
  • when communication with people from outstation or oversea. Calling outstation or oversea is expensive. Though calling is better communication, but in this case, chatting through msn is better here due to cost effectiveness.
  • make announcement.
  • promote domain.

* This solution is only for Window XP user.
  1. Right click to the bottom area where you window are minimized. Select property.
  2. Click "Customize ..." button.
  3. Select MSN Messenger and change it to "Always hide".