The Cost Of Unemployment

Created on Monday, 7 June 2010

Taking a longer break from job is good especially when we have been stressful in our current job and personal life. Taking this kind of long break enable us to achieve some of the things we always wanted to do but unable because of our job. It our dreams to travel around the world or to stay in a particular country for some months to learn the culture. Surely that 18 days of annual leave is not enough for us to do so. It could be your dream to go to needy places like India for some months to do some social work. It also helps us to rejuvenate physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Some take the unpaid leave to do so. Some is not so fortunate as the company does not approve the unpaid leave and so they resign so that they can take a break. In any case, taking this unpaid break, say 2-3 months, is costly. Say for example, our pay is RM3000. Unemployment for three months will cost us at least RM9000. Why I say at least because this amount excludes the 12% of EPF given by our employer.

So, do plan our unpaid long break wisely so that it will not affect our finance greatly.