Today’s Singing Journal


Today, during work, type out “singing forum vocal” and from then realize that I can learn much from here. And just now, went to the forum again. But, seems a lot of forum and much to read. But, I settle down in this forum called,

I spend quite a long time in this “Rate my singing” category. Wow, learnt much from the comment. Great tips from the experts there. Also feel a little comforted because hearing some less better than me when I got a hang of myself. But, I shouldn’t be proud and laugh at her which I did in my heart. No good. Repent.

Some really sing very well there like law77. Hope to hear more great singing from there to get inspired. I think hearing normal people singing inspire me more than the real singer. I think this inspiration insight began when I went to S.H.E singing competition yesterday. Indeed, I got inspired. And gotta bear in mind not to chase after to be a singer nor popularity but rather a better motivation, to sing better for my church and to inspires others because I’m not very talented. I think I give myself 2 out of 5 talent (Parable of the talent).

I think I will do the same, record myself down and post it for feedback. It is a good way. Actually, just by hearing myself I can give comment to myself but some I can see/hear it, blind spot.

I think I will also add some good website and forum link to my for the help and benefits of others who go to my website.


Gotta record down the things I learnt from there.

  • Use nose instead of mouth. Reason is because using mouth will dry out the vocal cord. But, mouth is used for quick breath taking.
  • Remember resonance. It is like wood and guitar. Keyword is relax. To create voice of a fuller voice and ‘ringing quality’. Allow air in your wind pipe, lungs, facial sinus, nose and mouth (vibrate in the same wave cycle) more.
  • the need of accompanient or vocal teacher.
  • sing right types and range of songs. It is pop or others?
  • there is something called raw material which is the voice. Is there any talent? How much?
  • Use vibrato during warm up and straight during performance, to protect vocal cord.

Question to find ask about myself

  • What kind of voice I have? Rich deep? Normal?
  • How much is my voice talent? 1 to 5. [ self-awareness. honesty from others can really hurts here. ]

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