2nd Mission Kuantan Trip

21 Oct 2006, I went to Kuantan for mission trip. Those going are 17 Christians from KL church including me, 1 from KK and 1 from JB. After breakfast, we departed. I sat in Aaron’s car. Behind were my mom and Serene. There were 4 cars. When we reached about end of MRR2, we caught into a traffic jam. Something we are not too happy about. This traffic jam must be due to holiday sessons where everyone wants to go back to their hometown. After the Genting toll, our car has separated from the other 3 cars. Later, we realize that the three cars has stopped in one rest stop which we have already passed by. So, we splited since then. After some hours of drive, we reached Kuantan at the end, which is about 1pm. Aaron bought us to eat at the best gon lo me in Kuantan. We ate and it was good. I like the duck.

Then, we went to Grand Continental Hotel, Kok Meng, Siew Ting and Chu Kee welcomed us. Then, the rest (from the 3 cars) came but they have not eaten their lunch. So, they went for their lunch. After they came back from their lunch, we went to Kuantan Parade for evangelism, while the Singaporian took Mega Mall.

Reached to Kuantan Parade, we splited into small group of 2-3 for evangelism. Daniel and I together. There were a lot of Malays! Perhaps 90-95%. Amazing. Something never seen in KL. So, every Chinese became very precious to us. Because not many Chinese, Daniel and I has decided to talk to the people who work in the shop or owner of the shop. But, when there is not people there. At the end of 1 hour evangelism, we didn’t meet many Chinese and only 1 contact.

Then, we went back to Grand Continential Hotel to meet up to share good news. One good news is about Anna, a friend who has been studying the bible, invited her 6 friends to her house for bible talk. She asked Nancy to preach to her friends but in Chinese. Nancy in turn got Chu Kee to preach instead because there might man there and also of her incompentency to preach in Chinese. Chu Kee preached. That is awesome. Another good news is from David Lang’s wife, which is also quite a similiar story.

After dinner, those were involve in the service were meeting up in Grand Continential Hotel for service rehearsal. The song leader rehearse the songs. Also make sure other technical area is okay like the laptop for the song lyric and the projector which is in charge by a Singapore brother, Fred.

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