S.H.E encounter

Realize that today Vivian and Nicole will participate S.H.E singing content. After I finish my PA meeting, when I am about to leave and watch the clock. It’s 3pm and then thought about their singing contest which is at 3pm. So, just go for it.

When I reached there, the place is so crowded, with mostly teens and young people. Their turn is 43 and at time when I reached there is only around 10 plus. Listening to those contestant, I am actually blown away. They really sing in accurate pitch. Some, not only sing in pitch but can hear the maturity of the voice and they also dance. Wow. How can they dance and sing at the same time? Sing already not easy. Another scene is just so cute to see little girl sang and she can sing in pitch! One very funny one is a girl duet with a boy. I think he is the only boy contestant. I think they are siblings. Hehe.. Back to great singing, one group sang so harmoniously, create the kind of Boyz 2 Men effect. Amazing! And I love it. Some sang with risk level, high and loud, making their singing powerful in my opinion. Awesome. That should be the way. All the way and not holding back. And they are also very confident, shouting, communicating with the crowd.

And at the end, is Vivian and Nicole’s turn. I actually feel nervous. At the end, I feel that their singing is normal compare to their many strong competitor. I always like Vivian’s voice and singing. She has the talent (voice). But, not powerful. I believe due to not yet use diaphram to output the voice. When she managed to get a hang of this diaphram breathing, she can sing more powerfully and more beautiful tone. Same goes with Nicole.

Also, I thought that in order to win this kind or any kind of singing competition, we need not only can sing well but many other things all needed like motivation or mental strength which leads to confidence and not to be nervous or afraid. They also need to record their singing many times to listen to themselves back. And many more things like strategy, selection of songs.

But, I believe this is a great experience and need to compliment them for taking out the courage to try. Many try also too afraid. These are the one who will regret much at the end.

Other than that, I think I begin to like this group of singers. Nice songs. 🙂

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