Song practice in church office today

Come earlier to church office to practice with Wai Yee but couldn’t do well with “Create in me a pure heart.”

Then change to We will glorify. Still find it so hard, easily get distracted. Maybe this can be pitch-matching side effect. When want to pitch-match need to sync with others, but if part, need to rebel against it. Woo .. find it challenging. But, I have told myself not to bother too much of pitch and also other thing because I’m focusing in breathing now.

Our group F4. Today our group got much rebuke and challenge from other song leader. I spoke out after Fui Enn rebuke Grace. But thinking back, indeed our group deserve it because we do not carry the right attitude about this audition. Though I myself focus in singing lately, but because others seem not talk about it and I myself feel lousy about my singing, so I also not too bother about it, only just discuss with Wai Yee last Wednesday to come earlier today for practice. I thought I’m the one who got it but doesn’t realize all other 3 also kena. Bottom line, we all gotta repent.

Other singing, I feel excited because I seem to be able to sing soprano at comfortable level, using my diaphram. Didn’t really think much about breathing but diaphram.

Daniel. He is talented bass because he is the best among all bass. He can catch up quick and confident and not as easy distracted compare to me. I have struggle with that, pride.

For my bass, when got other bass, I can sing it but alone very anxious. I gotta overcome my anxiousness and ‘just do it’.

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