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Since 2004, I have started my personal home page, Thinking back, I should have gotten but I was just a little late to buy that domain. Anyway, I am glad overall to still have this easy-to-remember and funny domain name as most I believe have watch Finding Nemo 🙂

I think one of the initial reasons why I want to have my own website is because I want to publish my resume online. Perhaps, I got too fed up to fill up the same boring information while applying for jobs or during interviews. So, I was thinking, if I have my resume nicely done and publish it online, I can just give my link like I admit it is pretty cool back then. But now, it looks like pretty boring design even though I have update ‘newer’ CSS template some years back. So, I guess it is time to have makeover of it. Well, I am not a graphic designer. So, don’t expect fancy design from me ya but I will do what I can 🙂

So here we are, newer fresh look of personal home page. Thanks to WordPress and those who contributed to create all the free WordPress template. Writing or blogging is one of my interests. Perhaps my brain just like to think unnecessarily which I can’t help much. So, writing helps me to sort out my brain and express them out does make me feel better. This means I could express better through text than verbal chat.

Back to the creation of, I use classic ASP to do it, all by own. Well, actually I did pinjam some stuff from the Internet la especially the CSS template. Other than that, I hand-coded all the html and ASP codes. After I ‘upgraded’ my skill, I also added some VB.NET pages into it for my feedback page and some other so-called cool stuff like google search and AJAX stuff. So, if you observe that old website, some pages are in .ASP and some are .ASPX pages and the template is same 🙂

Although I developed web applications, I have manual way to manage (add, edit, delete) the content in my old website. Perhaps, I started it the ‘manual’ way and too lazy to develop some kind of content management application. Initially, I feel contented about it. But after awhile, I realize that I am not as motivated to blog although there were times I have plenty of ideas what I want to share out. Sometimes, old and slow laptop also become a factor. But, recently I just bought a new ‘fast’ desktop. I think the last time I bought a desktop is hmm… ten years ago perhaps.

For the past few months I have been working on my wellness blog, During these period, I kinda get back some passion of writing and get a hang out using WordPress. And I do love its features and flexibility. It is so much easier to me to edit and maintain the website, even change its design. And there are tonnes of free design to me to use too. So here we go, a new version of my personal home page with WordPress. And I will still keep my old website as a museum for some who still wish to visit. For those who still drop by, I want to say thank you 🙂

Ops, I just realize I have some of other external blogs too. Gonna consolidate and merge them all here soon.

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