Bye 2014 and prepare to Welcome New 2015

Year 2014 is will coming to its end in 1 week plus. It is a good time to have some reflection time for year 2014 both the negative and positive.

What’s the negative? i.e., sad things happened, certain characters still unable to change, mistakes, blunder, failures. [ Self-talk response: Yes, I acknowledge it but I shall not dwell in it or too regret about it because I cannot undo it. Instead, I just need to learn from it, make a few decisions to change, starting from the major areas. ]

What’s the positive? i.e, special happy moments, new friendship, the love and encouragement you received, certain characters you overcome, growth (i.e. career, knowledge, spiritually), achievement. [ Self-talk response: Thank God for all these and to remember it ]

As year 2015 is approaching, it is also good to plan a little of what you wish to accomplish or become, just as Stephen  Covey puts it, ‘Begin with the End in Mind‘ 🙂



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