My Blog Writing Style and Advertisement

Just thought of sharing this a little. When I first started this personal home page, one of the purposes is for me to sort out myself a little by writing down some of my thoughts. This is helpful to me as someone who tends to think too much (which get complicated easily). Sorry if some of the blogs get too inwardly focus and drowning you as public readers. I just need this. Sometimes, I change my focus to write to benefit my reader (as you can see from Tips Macam-Macam and IT section). I hope these type of blogs benefit you in one way or the other.Some context is more connected to Central Christian Church because I have been with this church for more than 16 years too.

The language of this blog is mostly English. Well, I wish I can write in other language especially Chinese but I am a banana (both primary and secondary school is Kebangsaan school). What to do 😀 But, I am thinking to make my writing more Malaysian than the proper style. Hmm…okay la I try try ya …For BM, my BM sucks too…so no choice already…So, I want to thank you if you still one of the few loyal readers…not sure if there any by the way 😀

Advertisement / Affiliation program

In the past, I didn’t make much money from the online advertisement. Believe it or not, only less than USD4 since year 2004! One of the reasons is I find it a bit hassle to do so manually in the past in my old home page and I thought also that this personal home page is more for myself and not a money-making website. Also, I am not sure what kind of advertisement Google will send to my home page. I worry if those website lead people astray or offensive.

But with this new home page using WordPress where I can easily manage the advertisement and I also learned how to filter out the suitable ad, I decided to add ad over here. If the ad money can cover my domain and web hosting cost, that will be good for start. But, if you do feel that my ad is not suitable, offended or shu you away, please let me know ya, so that I can do something about it. Thanks a lot 🙂



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