Popular Malaysia eMarketplaces

Besides selling your product in your own website, you can also consider using local eMarketplaces as well. eMarketplaces is like a big shopping mall where they will invite merchants or brand owners to setup own account. Merchant can then upload products, set product description and product pricing. Popular eMarketplaces have huge amount of traffic (people who visit their site). When more people visit eMarketplaces, the chances for consumer to find your product is high as well especially if your products are “hot” products. In return, this eMarketplaces will usually earn back from certain percentage (%) from each sales transaction from your store. Again this is a win-win situation for both parties.

There are the top 10 most popular eMarketplaces in Malaysia:

  1. (by Celcom + SK telecom)
  2. (by Hong Leong group)
  3. (by Rocket Internet, now owned by Alibaba)
  4. (Malaysia home-gown marketplaces)
  5. (by Lelong)
  6. (by Sinchew Media Group)
  7. .my (Mobile 1st, by Garena)
  8. (by AEON, Malaysia Largest Retailer)
  10. (Fashion Vertical)

With that, you can have your revenue from your own website (your brand) and from these eMarketplaces. Happy selling!

If you want to learn to setup your own website / store to sell products, I do have a short 10-hours hands-on workshop. This workshop teach you step by step from having a domain to setting up a payment option in your website and selling AliExpress product and drop shipping too. Contact me if you are interested to learn.


Central Residence – My Home

It’s almost two year staying in Central Residence. Time flies. Very soon we will have our first AGM which will form JMB. One of the things I like staying here is my unit is pretty nearby the lift which takes me to the gym at 26th floor. Save time hehe…

Secondly, I also like the location. When I wanna take RapidKL (known as LRT), I will just park my car at Sungai Besi station which is just less than 5 min away.

Look forward for the Kuchai Lama (S23) and Taman Naga Emas (S24) MRT station will complete in few years time. Hopefully there will be an overhead bridge and nice covered walkway to Taman Naga Emas MRT station that time.

p/s for those who want to sell / rent out your unit, you may want contact 016-277 5883


Wednesday Morning Gym session

This morning woke up a little earlier. Last Sunday, I decided to have more exercise session. Instead of just Sunday football session, I want to exercise also during weekend. I pick Wednesday so that I can have some rest after Sunday’s football. And I also learned from my friend who is a sport teacher that to keep the stamina, we need to maintain it every 3 days.

I plan to start to exercise from 7 AM (that is the time the gym room in my service apartment opens) until 7.45AM. Then take a bath, breakfast and leave to work. So I set my alarm to 6.30AM. It rang. After closed my alarm, I still laze around my bed for few minutes. Feel so hard to get out from it hehe…Then around 7AM I left my house. Thankfully the distance from my unit to the gym floor only 2-3 minutes.

When I reach there at 7.05AM, the gym room is not yet open. Sigh! I went to the ground floor and ask the guard to open the gym room. So I started my brisk walking exercise on the treadmill from 7.20AM and finished by 7.45AM. Although just a short session, but I feel great. Using the sport band, I can see that I have walked 3600 steps.

Then I have my organic oat which I prepared yesterday’s night. I soak it with soy milk (without sugar) and chia seed. While serving it, I added an apple as suggested by my girlfriend and added extra soy milk because it is pretty think. I think because of the chia seed. Have a great day!

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Marriage Seminar – What Do You Expect? by Paul David Tripp

Today my fiance and I attended the second day (last day) of a 2 days Marriage Seminar organized by St. Mary Anglican church. St Mary is the cathedral church for the Anglican Diocese of West Malaysia.

As we have registered, we are to sit in a table of 3 couples including us and each table there will be a facilitator. It is the first time the church organize this type of marriage workshop. There is a handout given to us to write our notes and for table discussion. There will be also a series of “What Do You Expect” lessons videos by Paul David Tripp. Personally, I enjoy listening to his lesson. Good points well emphasized by him with much illustration, life example and humorously manner (to keep us awake) 🙂

If your church wants to consider to use it as marriage workshop, there some free handout material which you can download from his website,  but the DVD lesson series need to purchase.

Some key points from this marriage seminar – Marriage does not rooted in romance but worship – Romance is the result rather than the cause.

Some videos of “What Do You Expect?” I found from Youtube

Other useful video I found for this topic


Pure Pain

Last week and this week is indeed a week of PAIN. As I am recovering from mouth ulcer last Thursday, I got some new one. Not one but 8 ulcers! What happen is during my futsal last Thursday, someone kick the futsal ball very hard on my face. As a result, my mouth get some cuts and these cuts turn into ulcers. There are 6 ulcers on my right bottom lips and 2 on top. On top of that, the gum of my left side got infection. Eating or drinking is a nightmare. There pain level is maximum, until some tiny tears came out. Really hope to get this over as soon as possible.