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Download Affordable MP3 Songs Legally

As written in A Way Out, I have learnt not to download copyright things illegally. Recently, I was thinking to buy some legal MP3. And some research online, there are two recommendations. At the end, I chose because the minimum purchase for MP3va is lower. I paid USD 15.00 (RM49) by credit card and indeed ‘they’ gave me additional USD 5.00. This USD 20.00 is like a prepaid value in your account.

After some searching, purchasing and downloading of my favorite songs, I got more and more excited. And because also some fear that the website will be ‘gone’, I try to quickly finish up my credits. By today, I just left less than USD 1.00 in my account and have downloaded 127 songs (2 songs are free once you sign up) within one week! Tips:

Some tips for using

  • For the same song, you can search for a few versions to get the best sound quality version by looking at the bit rate (kbps).
  • You can preview listen the songs first before adding or purchasing it.
  • You can search by the singer or the song name.

In the past, one original audio CD can cost RM40 and usually not all the songs in that CD are my favorites even those greatest hits CDs. And I have bought quite number of these original audio CD throughout the years. But now, I found this website where I only pay RM49 to enjoy about 130 songs and I can choose all my favorite songs! Most of my favorite songs are late 80″ and 90″ songs. So, if you too love to listen to music and download them legally and want to save some bucks, give this a shot 🙂

ZHobbies & Collectibles

Board Games Is Not Bored Actually

I remember once a friend said to me, “Board games are for bored people.”. Immediately I have a conflict with him. I told him that his word can hurt those who love board games. But glad that we resolved on that very day and until today he is one of my good friends in the church.

Recently, I have been playing much board games with my church friends. I think it started about two months ago. We played usually either on Friday or Saturday night. Here are the list of board games we have played before so far: Ticket To Ride (we have Asia, Europe + expansion), Citadels, Small World Underground, Carcassonne (+ two expansions), Flash Point, Terra, Tokaido and the most recent one we played last week was King of Tokyo (+ one expansion). One of us just bought 5-6 new games yet to try out.

I really feel grateful to have this little ‘board games club’ whereby I can look forward to join every week to have great enjoyable fun time with my friends. I am grateful to those to invested into so many board games to lend their board games to us. I also appreciate the feedback that the rest should contribute to this club too, example maybe each to buy a board game and if there are 12 person in the club, we have 12 different games to cover the whole year. Personally myself I have one which I bought many years back, Terra. But this Terra is very under utilized since the day I bought it and so I felt a little regret. And now one of my hesitation to buy new game is because I worry that I will buy another ‘Terra’. Perhaps I need to really do more homework before I buy a particular board games so that that game is fun and at the same time easy to teach and learn for majority.

Speaking on board games, I feel that it is a ‘better’ hobby compare to computer games. Reason being is board games usually involves human interaction and not virtual human intereaction (online computer games). Although the board games are not cheap, but if all are sensitive enough to share the burden, example by buying one game for each person, this hobby is not that expensive after all. I mean if the game cost your RM120 and can last for a year, one month is only cost you RM10. This way is so much cheaper than going to board games cafe like Meeples which slash your pocket by charging you by hourly play (around RM3.50 per person per hour!). If you are interested to join us to play board games in Subang area, please contact me ya. We also wish to reach out to more new friends too as we are enjoying ourselves 🙂


Singing books

I have bought this book which I have found it a good book to improve our singing. Before I bought this book, I have done much survey from Amazon and after reading most feedback from user and other criteria, I decided to buy this book.  Below are the details for this book.

Book Title: Singing for Dummies
Author: Pamelia S. Phillips
Price: RM75.80 (from MPH Malaysia)
Comes with CD?: Yes

You can easily find this book online too:


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Field Soccer

Recently I have been playing 11-A-Side field soccer every Saturday morning from 8AM-10AM in University Malaya (UM) for about two months. It is not easy to find that many people to play 11-A-Side field soccer and not easy to find a nice field also. The satisfaction and experience of playing field soccer is so different from playing futsal. While having fun and enjoy this hobby of mine, it is also a kind of good exercise which I need. To top it up, it is free of charge of well! (Sponsored by people).

My injury looks like gotten better and hopefully I don’t get serious injury in future. Look forward to improve in my skill and to have more great matches ahead. I managed to assist some goals until yesterday I scored my first goal. And only it was my first goal, it was a nice goal as well, a header from a very long range pass. So many blessings from God and I feel so blessed 🙂

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Another hobby – Badminton

Around two months ago, my team lead invited me to play badminton together during one Saturday. I went and ever since then, I have been playing badminton consistently every Saturday for two-three hours. In these two months, I felt that my badminton has improved especially my smash (the one of the area which I am weakest at in the past). Now, I am able to smash with more power and steepness.

badminton2I think it is good to keep it up, for exercise, to help working relationship with colleaguesand a way to reach out to people perhaps. I also feel the joy to ‘coach’ one of them who just learn how to play badminton. It is also enjoying to ‘train’ with others as well. During this ‘training’, it was satisfying to smash powerfully and the other side able to return those smashes and continously. It was also satisfying for vice versa.