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Field Soccer

Recently I have been playing 11-A-Side field soccer every Saturday morning from 8AM-10AM in University Malaya (UM) for about two months. It is not easy to find that many people to play 11-A-Side field soccer and not easy to find a nice field also. The satisfaction and experience of playing field soccer is so different from playing futsal. While having fun and enjoy this hobby of mine, it is also a kind of good exercise which I need. To top it up, it is free of charge of well! (Sponsored by people).

My injury looks like gotten better and hopefully I don’t get serious injury in future. Look forward to improve in my skill and to have more great matches ahead. I managed to assist some goals until yesterday I scored my first goal. And only it was my first goal, it was a nice goal as well, a header from a very long range pass. So many blessings from God and I feel so blessed 🙂

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