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Another hobby – Badminton

Around two months ago, my team lead invited me to play badminton together during one Saturday. I went and ever since then, I have been playing badminton consistently every Saturday for two-three hours. In these two months, I felt that my badminton has improved especially my smash (the one of the area which I am weakest at in the past). Now, I am able to smash with more power and steepness.

badminton2I think it is good to keep it up, for exercise, to help working relationship with colleaguesand a way to reach out to people perhaps. I also feel the joy to ‘coach’ one of them who just learn how to play badminton. It is also enjoying to ‘train’ with others as well. During this ‘training’, it was satisfying to smash powerfully and the other side able to return those smashes and continously. It was also satisfying for vice versa.


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