What Happened When Your Car Road Tax Was Expired?

The answer is, you will get a summon 😀 . Two days ago, while driving back home after supper, I bumped into a police roadblock. When the policeman checked my road tax, to my horror it was expired for nearly 3 months! After pulling over my car, I got down and tried my best to beg those policemen not to summon me. I know what you’re thinking now, Yes they did hinted for it, even in a direct manner for ‘duit kopi’. But I told them I can’t because I’m a Christian. Thus, I got a summon. This expensive RM300 summon is a BIG lesson for me to make sure I remember to renew my road tax on time. At the same time, I know I have done the right thing as a Christian and that pleases God 🙂

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