Protect Yourself With Netnanny

Internet is like a double-edged sword, the good and the bad. The good meaning you can do almost everything with Internet, e-mails, e-banking and more “e”. The bad of Internet are like pornography site, gambling site, addictions (like facebook and games) and more. The solution? Unsubscribe your Internet broadband? But you can still WIFI it.

For me, the most effective solution to this problem is Internet filtering software. But you need to find the right. Otherwise, you will face other headaches from that softare. A good Internet filtering software has to be user-friendly, effective but at the same time not affecting your browsing speed.

After trying out a few Internet filtering softwares, the best I ever have is NetNanny. So, I would like to recommend NetNanny to you especially if you want to protect you and your children from Internet pornography. Here is how I go about it. After I have installed it and tested it, I email the administrator’s password to my two reliable Christian friends. And then I deleted it.

What if you got blocked by NetNanny when you are accessing a decent website? This is what I do. I have a text file for me to update. In this file, I have two categories: To block and To unblock. After reaching to one point, you can go to meet one of your reliable Christian friends bringing together your laptop. Then you access to the Internet and ask your friend to retrieve the password for you to update your NetNanny according that that text file. If inconvenient or you need it urgently, you can email to ask from them.

If you need my help to keep the password for you, I will be happy to do so for you. Since I am always online, I believe I can email back the password very fast 🙂

You can even set what time you want to allow or disallow yourself from online (Myself, I have set no Internet from 12am until 8am everyday). There is a trial version for you to try. Lastly the link is By the way, I earn no commission from sharing this. Hope to help as many people as it has been a great tool to me 🙂

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