The Significance of 25th August

Today is 25th August 2012. Firstly, today is my birthday. Now send me some wishes and greeting, will you? 🙂 25th August is the day where I was born in this world 33 years ago! 25th August is the day I was born. About nine months before 25th August, God has already formed me in my mother’s womb. Surely my life has started at that little moment. It is indeed one of the most amazing things in life, the creation of a new life!

In my family, I only have only one elder brother. He is three years elder than me. When I was younger, my mother once shared to me that before me, actually I should have one sister. Unfortunately, she couldn’t make it. I could be the one who can’t make it too at that time but God sustained my life, not just at that time but for the next 33 years. In my life, although not many, there were some incidents where my life is between death and alive. One of them is during a work trip to Melaka on 7 November 2008. Surely, it was God who has saved me and sustained my life until now.

Secondly, 25th August was my first day in BCS Information System, my current employer. It was significance because at that time I was struggling with my career. I didn’t do well and somehow I couldn’t pull through my probation in my previous job in Allianz Life Insurance Malaysia Berhad. I hope the interviewer won’t ask me the reason I resign from my previous job. But, sure enough, they did. As Christian, you just gotta tell the truth and I did. After telling the shameful truth, I know my chance of getting this job will be very thin. The person who interviewed me were the HR Manager and Lum (think he was the general manager back then). When the interview almost ended, they both excused themselves for a short discussion. When they both came back, to my surprised and joy, they were willing to hire me and the pay is same with my previous job.

It has been four years working for this company. Throughout these four years, God has sent some very kind ‘angels’ (especially Ang during my first division and Lim during my second/current division) to help, to guide, to support and to be a friend to me, in spite of my much weaknesses.

After about a year working in this company, the management decided to transfer me and Lim to another division who was in need of resources. My manager back then and I had a talk about it and I told him that I was unhappy for that changes. One of the reasons is all these years I have been in ASP/ASP.NET programming language. But the division I will be transferred to is mainly Java which I didn’t have any experience at all. Transfer to another division to me is like changing a new job. You gotta start to learn and be familiar to the new and complicated system, pick up new programming language like Java, build new working relationship with the ‘new’ division and etc. But he said he also can’t do anything about it as the management has decided already.

Because of that, I started to look for jobs. I even went for some interviews but somehow I still stay-put. As the years gone by, with the guide from the ‘seniors’ and through experience, I became more familiar with the huge system and able to support more independently. And now, it has been three years in this division. Not only that, now in turn I am able to give some guide a ‘new’ colleague who joined in the beginning of the year. On top of that, I might be given an opportunity to work for Bank Negara very soon, hopefully. So looking back, transferring to this division three years ago is indeed a blessing from God in disguise 🙂

And my current job is also my longest job, four years. Not easy to achieve that because my previous longest job is only one year and eight months. Thanks for reading 🙂

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