Milestone – Ten Year as Christian (Part 2 – End)

Note: Some content of this blog is more relatable to the members of Central Christian Church. Some content of this blog is taken from my dairy which was written at that point of time.

Some Earliest Funny Moments 😀
When I was a young Christian, I thought I can’t open my eye when praying. Once, I prayed with two brothers. We took turn and they prayed for very long and I struggle because when I closed my eyes for too long, I feel like I want to faint. Only later, I realized that I don’t need to close my eyes when I pray. Haha … I always laughed about this when think back.

When I was being asked what holds me back to become Christian, I said, “I’m afraid I can’t play snooker anymore.” That time, I was so crazy about playing snooker. I brought five tapes to watch and learn snooker. I went to the snooker center at Kotaraya, 4th floor almost everyday for an average of four to five hours. Then, Raymond said, “No, you can play but play with the Christian lah.”. That fixed it! Haha!

First Time
Everyone has his/her first time of doing certain things. So, here are some from me, in this church for the past ten years.

  • First time sharing on the stage – It was during mother’s Day on 10 May 1998. My legs was literally shaking uncontrolably when I got on the stage. 😀
  • First time study bible with people – I did Seeking God study with a friend called Yap on 20 October 1998. Choo sat in. I brought along Preach your word boldly booklet and did not do it well and smooth.
  • Share good news in the leadership for the first time – It was at the beginning of year 2002.
  • Share and conducted a bible discussion during bible talk for the first time – It was at Shirley’s house on 10 September 2004. The title was “Man with Leprosy”.
  • Pray for the first time during church service – It was during a mid-week on Sep 2005.
  • First time lead a group – Thanks to Jack Ngui and Burt and most of all, God who gave me this opportunity to lead a group of seven from March 2006 until December 2006. It has been always my dream and I know that I have gave my best during these period. 🙂

BIG Happy Moments 🙂
I think these are the big happy, special and memorable moments in these ten years. Really miss these great moments.

  • First year as Christian (1998-1999) – Received a lot of love, enocouragement, attention especially from my campus group that time. Perhaps because I was a young Christian that time.
  • Stand By Me (Nov 2003 – Dec 2003) – At that time church has a choir team and the choir was asked to perform something during banquet. After some brainstorming, we have decided to perform a short play entitled “Stand By Me“. The team was united, fun and warm.
  • Old Klang Road group (Jan 2004 – Jun 2005) – This group has been well-known of being a family style group and indeed it is. Not only that, it is also always fun being with some fun people at that time.
  • GT group (Mar 2006 – Dec 2006) – Perhaps due to small size of this group and one common language, Cantonese, majority of us feel close to each other and the group was united, plus warm and fun too. I really enjoyed the group conversation and group laughter we had.

Here I would like to take the opportunity to encourage the christians. No matter how tired and tough your life is, don’t give up. Hang on there. The road could be hard to walk sometimes but perhaps that is what Jesus is talking about at Matthew 7:14, “But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.“.

With God’s strength (Phi 4:13) and by grace through faith (Eph 2:8) and encouragement from one another (Heb 3:13; Heb 10:24-25), surely we can complete this spiritual journey together.

For those who is doing okay or great now, keep it up. Guarding our heart is an ongoing thing. For those you have opportunity to study bible or be involed in people’s life, hey, give your best. You will never know what difference you can make to someone’s life.


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