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How to stop “spam” sms sent by Digi?

Nowadays, spam doesn’t just come to your email but also to our handphone. You can’t tell the spammer to stop spamming your email no matter how angry or how pity you are, but in handphone you can. To do so, if your line is Digi, just call Digi at 016-2211 800 (Don’t worry, calling this number is free of charge). Your aim is to speak to their consultant but they purposely make it hard for you (I believe this is a way to save man power). But, it’s okay, you just need to fix this once for all. First, dial that number, 016-2211 800 and follow these instructions:

  • Listen to some unneeded lengthy thing
  • Then, press 0
  • Then, press 1
  • Then, press 3 (for other services)
  • Then, press 5 (for assistant to other services)
  • Then, the system will says, “Our consultant will attend to your shortly.”

Then, just let him / her knows that you get tired of those promotional sms from Digi and you want them to stop sending them to you. They will be very kind to do so for you after some identity verification.

After he / she has successfully made this changes in the system, you will receive a message from them saying, “Free Msg: Yr request to stop receiving DiGi promotional notification will be processed within 2 working days. To reactivate call, Digi Customer Service: 01 [Part 2 of 2]

The good news is, after 2 working days, your handphone will be free from those promotional sms from Digi. The bad news is your handphone will be still receiving those annoying promotional sms in these 2 days.


p/s – Today is Dec 2014. The move method might be outdated but one direct way you can do is call to DIGI customer service center to request them not to send you anymore promotional SMS (SPAM). You can do the same for other telco too like Celcom, Maxis or UMobile. Recently, I also call up UMobile to do the same.

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