Longest Working Career – BCS Information Systems

Yesterday was last day in BCS Information Systems (BCSIS) and this is my longest working career (4 years 3 months and 20 days)! My previous record is only 1 year 8 months. This is an achievement that I am proud of 🙂

Some recent photos:

2012 Annual dinner. My table. Third from the right is Ang Keng Heng who was my previous team leader in Clearing Division. One of his unique strength is his ability to build good relationship with his team and at same time making sure the team is productive. Indeed he is very good team leader who is hard to come by.

BCSISKL family photo from 2012 Annual dinner.

Farewell lunch. Colleague belanja 🙂

This Reggae Hostels is interesting. While having farewell lunch there, I can see 4 ladies toilet but none gents toilet.

My desk.

Mr Lim Sin Fui, my good friend in BCS Information Systems, who helped and supported me the most. He is a very dedicated employee, helpful and humble person. I believe he is one of the guardian angel God sent to help me with my job in BCSIS.

Last day. Surprised farewell tea-time at Secret Recipe. Behind me is Fara, my team leader. Next to her is Veronica, my good ‘neighbor’.

Another one is Kelly, who happened to be there also join.

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