California Fitness – Part 5 (The End)

Termination of one year membership contract
It has been eleven months here and I have decided to terminate my contract. This is because I don’t really go California Fitness that often after I have changed to my new job. I went once a week after I got my new job because my new job’s office is not walking distance to this Menara Standard Chartered California Fitness.

However, my last day in California Fitness will be another three more months. One month is because I think I paid extra one month in the beginning. Another additional two more months is because I managed to get two friends to join California Fitness last time.

Yeah some tips, if you guys thought of stopping your membership, you need to let them know one month plus before the end of your contract period. Otherwise, they will assume that you will continue your membership with them.

Ten kilometers for the first time
Today, I tried for the first time to run ten kilometers. Well, it was tiring of course but I think the challenging part is to completed it, ten kilometers. Next greater challenge is to complete it in better duration. I was so tempted to give up half way because after some run and some calculation (by calculating how much time I use to run for one km), I realize that these ten kilometers are going to take at least one hour plus. Besides that, I also felt some pain in somewhere my rib and the appendix as I ran. When that happened, I need to slow down myself and after I felt better, I increase the pace again and I did this a couples of times due to the pain I mentioned. Anyway, with some determination and self-motivation, I managed to complete it at the end and it took one hour and twenty minutes. I don’t think this is my best time yet because I don’t really always have these appendix problem. So, I think I will do this again two weeks later

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