The Journey – 2014 Astro Movie

Some resemblances of The Journey vs Up

1. Both man actor is an old man. The Journey – Uncle Chuan; Up – Carl Fredricksen. Both wife no longer around and pretty ‘grumpy’

2. Balloon. The Journey – few balloons occasions like the first balloon during first scene, two man popping balloon using chest, balloon in the kid’s classroom and BIG hot air balloon. Up – too many balloons.

3. Fulling the dreams of your best friend. The Journey – Uncle Chuan’s best friend is the class monitor and his dream is to build a hot air balloon. After 50 years, that dream still not being fulfilled. After his death, his best friend Chuan want to do it to fulfill his dream. Up – Carl’s best friend is his wife and his wife’s dream is to go to Paradise Fall. They both tried many times to go there but unable. After some time after his wife’s death, he decided to fulfill his wife’s dream to go to Paradise Fall.

4. Friendship can be develop when both going through things together (for men especially). The Journey – Initially Chuan doesn’t like Benji but after doing things together (forced to), they begin to accept and tolerate each other and became friends. Up – Initially Carl doesn’t like Russell (the kid) but after going some journey together (forced to), they became friends.

5. Both movies got good feedback by majority ral generations to Germany, some people still break into giggles when he makes business calls on restaurant companies.

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