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Free Online Tool to Test your Website Performance

From this tool, I can evaluate what area my website needs to improve for better performance. These two websites are free and do not need to register or download anything to use it.

1. GTMetrix



2. Pingdom tool



3. Load Impact – For Stress Test – Cool!




SEO Website Online Tools

Google Sitemaps Free Online Generator

I realized from Google Webmaster Tools that I don’t have a google sitemaps and I hope to have one.

I also learnt that there are site out there which can generate this google sitemaps. I have tried some sites but they fail to do a good job. But, just now, at last, I found a good one. It is sitemapdoc.

What is the usage of this sitemap? My knowledge at this time is, it helps search engine to crawl my website better.

So, after the site has generated the xml, I copied and paste it to my notepad and save it as .xml file. Then, I upload it to my website. Then, I went to Google Webmaster Tools to add this Google Sitemaps. It took some time (less than 30 minutes) to process the sitemaps. Right now, I got a sitemaps, hurray!

SEO Website Online Tools

Google Webmaster Tools

I just discovered Google Webmaster Tools. It is really awesome. For all the webmaster, I strongly recommend you to check it out.