Standby Support Phone

One of my job scopes is to provide system support to our customer through a unique phone called ‘standby support phone’. My colleague and I will take turn to hold this phone. If that is my week, I need be alert to receive calls from our end users for 24 hours. This includes midnight. So, the phone has to be on and put besides me the whole night. But I make sure not to place it too near me to reduce the radiation :D.

If I am not able to solve the problem via this phone for about 30 minutes, I need to escalate to higher level of support and at the same time I need to go on-site to continue to investigate and troubleshoot the issue within one hour after informing user that I will be on-site.

This could be one of the main challenges if you want to be in this cheque processing system industry especially you got a lot of calls during your week. I think each job/company/industry has its own challenges and benefits. However, there will be claim for holding this phone. Addition to that, each on-site there is an extra claim, as well the mileage to and fro. And you can also come to office a little late when you receive midnight calls or need to go on-site during midnight.

Personally, during my week, I did once need to go on-site at around 2am. When I got into my car to prepare to drive to our customer site, I wonder if I’m dreaming :D. Once settle, I went back home at around 5am and continue my sleep.

So, when you see my holding three phones, you know what this third phone is for 🙂

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