Some Problems

These are some main problems which has made me dragging my feet to go work recently:

  • Working environment. The working environment here has been sickening me. Most of the colleagues around my area were into vulgarity include that four letter word openly and loudly. These kind of vulgarity is not much due to anger type but more on having fun of it. They also like to talk unwholesome/pervert talk or dirty jokes openly and loudly. I have mentioned this to the management but things still never changed.
  • Distraction by people passing by. My seat is located whereby more people will pass by in front of my desk. This create some distraction to me. Even though, my eyes are set on the monitor, it is still very distracting due to many people pass by in front of me. I feel this create lust temptatation to me. The working environment problem also creates distraction to me.
  • Almost no project management. It is difficult to stay focus and be productive when there is no strong ‘project manager’ to manage the project I’m working on. I wasn’t given any due date. I hope to have better project management for this project. I really need it. Entellium Technologies is good in this area.
  • Lunch time dilemma. The most fearful time for me is lunch time, mostly due to the first problem. The bible says that bad character corrups good character (1 Co 15: 33). But, if I totally don’t join them for lunch, this creates some problems also. What other colleagues will think about me if I don’t join others for lunch time every single day? They can think of me being proud or weird and no more asking me for join them for lunch like Entellium Technologies. But if I join them, I always feel uncomfortable with how they interact with each other, the type of dirty joke they joke about, the gossip. I also hated the killing carbon monoxide which come from their cigarattes. Some of them can really smoke a lot.

What should I do then?
Look for another job and quit? Just quit asap? What if the new job I got will have these same problems? Or that new job does not have these same problems but different problems. I think every company and every job has its own problems. Even if decide to work by myself as freelance, there will be problems too.

What what should I do then in this pressing situation? Thank God for speaking to me through his word and his people. Today, Stephen shared about how Jesus did the right thing in his most difficult times, which is submit to God by going to die on the cross. No matter I look for new job, got a new job or stay in my current job, I need to do the right thing. No matter how intense and pressing the situation turn to be, I need to be like Jesus, by doing the right thing and not to give in to situation, temptation and sickening environment.

Blessings, not to be forgotten.
Thank God to helping to solve many problems of this system. I got help from the same source, like I shared before. I got help from my senior and online forum. And, as usually, I have learnt many things from the problems I face in developing this system. I get a hang of ASP.NET more also.

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