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Sediakan Payung Sebelum Hujan



Sediakan Payung Sebelum Hujan

Hujan is still okay, but what if it is Storm? Again, here is a classic scenario as illustration purpose. 🙂 Here, we focus on the twist plot – no one resign but the whole office caught fire and all the laptops are destroyed completely.

Actually, this can really happen. Although Malaysia is fortunate enough to be protected by most natural disaster, we should not take this for granted. Disaster can still happen and the common ones are fire. Hence, Bank Negara (Central Bank) requires all the financial institution (FI) like banks to have Business Continuity Planning (BCP) or Business Continuity Management (BCM). The main objective is about RISK management.


In my previous company, we also performed this BCP every year by going to Bank Negara, restoring our core applications and ensure that our core applications works. I remember there was once I had a argument with my manager just because of I refused to ‘amend’ the BCP form, so that the company can ‘pass’ the BCP. Same goes with my current company when I was doing Terminal Quality Management (TQM) which is required my MasterCard for one of our products certification process. But, that’s another story all together 🙂

For more info – Operation Risk Management Concept Paper by Bank Negara Negara


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