Re-watch a movie – Upsidedown

Recently I re-watch a movie called Upsidedown. Haven’t finish watching yet, just around half-way. I would to write down which scene I like the most.

  • I like the scene when Paul contronted Peter about his hypocrisy about the Jews. How Peter replied back to Paul is so awesome and humble. Looking at Paul, with a hand on Paul’s shoulder, he said, “You’re right.” And when Peter’s wife said, “But, you don’t have to do it among so many people.” Peter look at her as if he is saying, “No, it’s ok.” What a beautiful scene by Peter.
  • Another one is when the old lady saying the story to the children. The children said Paul is better because Paul preach to the world while Peter just stay in Jeruselam. The reason Peter want to stay in Jeruselam because that place is very special to him, a place for him to remember Jesus, something like that. Gota watch back. These scene moved me to tears. Thank God for that because has been so long, I never been moved to tears like this. I think the last time is when I watch the movie Passion of Christ somewhere last year.

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