Minor car accident but I’m alright

I got a minor car accident just now as I was driving from office to our customer side at Plaza Pantai. Not sure if the big van got nearer to my lane or my car got nearer to his lane, but suddenly i realize that my car is about to hit his big van while both are cornering. So, I step on the brake and clutch (mistake but I panic ma. mistake because stepping on the clutch during cornering will cause the car to ‘drift’) but the car was still moving near and near to the big van and that forced me to press the brake a little harder until I can hear some sound came from the tyre. What I heard next is a load “bang”.

My car front left side (below the left main light) hit the back right side of his big van. And my car spin at 90 degree to the right and stopped in the middle of the corner road. I got stunned for a few seconds. Then, I started back the car, drove and pull over to the side. The big van has already pull over much earlier. After I have pull over, I went to check my car. It (front left side) was damaged quite badly. Two Malay guy from this big van came out and asked me if everything is okay. They said their big van is okay. In fact, he didn’t know which side my car hit his big van as he couldn’t spot any damage in his big van. I think my car hit the right side of the protective steel of his big van. That’s why his big van is okay.

I guess I need to spend another few hundreds to fix this damage. But, thank God that no car was driving fast at behind. Imagine if there is, that car can direct head on to me as my car already turn 90 degree to the right. Thank God also that there is a protective steel in that big van. Imagine if I hit other normal car without this protective steel, the losses will be much bigger.

Besides thankful to God, I just need to learn from this minor accident that I should not drive too fast during rain especially during cornering and be more alert when driving under the rain. So, you guys also be careful as well ya.

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