June / July Health Status

Toward the end of May 2007, I went for Health Checkup. This comprehensive health check-up costed me RM550. I feel the need to have a health check-up because of my stress and other reasons. I worry if this stress will cause me some inner damage or cancer. I think it is a good idea to do so also because it has been some time since the last I had one. This RM550 includes a comprehensive health checkup and a life-time membership of this center, called “Wellness Laboratories Centre”. And this membership is not only for myself but also for my whole family like my mother, father, brother and future spouse. With this membership, we all can get 50% of discount for this health check-up. Meaning, the next time, I go for this same health check-up, I just need to pay RM275 (50% of RM550). I think it is worth is because it is also for my family and it is life-time.

In this health check-up, there are few things they need from me, mainly blood and urine. Around two weeks later, they called me to take the health report. I was suprised to know that my blood type is AB Positive. All these while, I thought I am Blood O Type. For the blood result, it was not too bad overall. But, she pointed out that my red blood’s color is lighter than usual and also they are in different shape. I told her that I was inherited with Thalassemia and she adviced me to take another test to confirm this. I did went back for that test but yet to receive the report. I received the result already and the report suggested that I have Thalassaemia.

She also told me that the result shows that I do not have antibody for Hepatitis A. This suprised me too but I am thankful to realize it before anything happen to me. So, I went back to get a jap to get the antibody for Hepatitis A. And that costs me RM130 (member’s price. Non-member is RM150) and I need another one after six months.

If you have been some time since your last comprehensive health check-up, I would advice you to go for one. There could be some important things you should know but you do not know now. It is wise to know this fact before something gets worse. I remember that I once I heard, people who diagnoses with cancer, only know it when it is in dangerous stage.

Califonia Fitness in July
I went to California Fitness three times in July. Thanks to Kok Meng for giving me one month VIP free trial. 3 July 2007 was my first visit. That day, Kok Meng and Roger went for swimming while I went for jogging because I didn’t bring my swimming trunk. Furthermore, I don’t really know how to swim and also not too interested in it. Anyway, back to my first jogging there, the machine I used was the one with a handlers at the side and there is a turning roller I am stepping on. This turning roller will increase its speed according to what I set on the machine. With the help of the Indian uncle next to me and a little bit of exploration of myself, I got to know how to use it.

I felt pretty good about it after a while. I can increase the speed. I can see how much calori has been burnt. I can see how long I have jogged and the distance. So, I went for another time the following week (12 July 2007) and then third one (24 July 2007) few days ago. Each visit, I spent 30 minutes of exercise on average.

You know, I have shared before that I need to exercise at least once a week due to my physical health. But, I have stopped playing badminton for around one month plus due to many unforseen circumstances. But, thank God for this VIP card and also for the out-reach to set in Mid-Valley. If it was set in other place, I think I will lazy to go there to exercise.

I confirm that I am someone who is competitive (not a strength I think). It revealed again during my jogging there. When I jog and there was no one besides me, I will imagine competing with someone. When someone next to me jogs (especially a strong runner) , I just want to compete or challenge him (inside my heart). Example, I want to jog longer or to burn more calori than him or seeing that who stops first loose.

The card will expired on 2 August 2007. Hopefully, I can go to there to exercise one more time.

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