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Interesting Video During Melaka Trip

On Friday, 26 February, my church group went to Melaka for a day trip tour. One of the places we went is the Taman Buaya. Later, I got to know that this Taman Buaya is the biggest Taman Buaya in Malaysia. Very fortunately, at that moment, there was a crocodile performance. Below are some clips I took.

In case you don’t wanna stream the video, below are some pictures:
Part 1: (Warning! Please do not try this!)


Part 2: (Warning! Please do not try this!) The performer rolled some money donated by the audiences, hold it with his mouth and put it inside the crocodile’s mouth. Then, he went to take back that rolled money from the crocodile’s mouth. (Warning! Please do not try this!)



While waiting for the rest to come over to Studhuys, I was leaning over to look at the Sungai Melaka.



At that time, a man told me that there is a ‘lizard’ in the river. I was a little shocked to see the size of the ‘big lizard’ and thus quickly video captured it. I think this ‘big lizard’ is a Komodo Dragon.

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