I think I realize the problem liao

It has been a struggling moment of practicing my singing for so long. I read much, book, article and from forum. I tried out things. I put into practice what I read but still so hard to sing. The output the bad.

I know it is breathing problem but don’t still the same. I don’t know exactly what breathing problem. The problem also I got distracted to think or learn other thing like resonance, pitch matching etc.

But, I think I got to identify the problem in these few days. It wasn’t about me not using diaphram (because I can feel and use it when holding a pitch but not got mess up during singing a song) but the problems are a few like me holding the breath, mouth/nose breathing got mess up and etc.

Just now, read a book in Mid Valley. Btw, found out that there are a few vocal book over there. I found at least 3 books and one with CD book type. I browse through one of the books and found these execellent point about breathing.

These are the point that I’m going to bang them in my head at least for these few weeks.

  • Never take a breath and hold it.
  • Never take as much breath as you can hold.
  • Always begin singing on the tail end of a inhaled breath.
  • Always get rid of all your breath before taking in a new one.

I want to particularly focus in the first and third point because 2nd and 4th is quite hard and not get it yet.

Thank you God for helping me in singing.

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