Goodbye to GuocoLand and moving toward Entellium Technologies

Two more days. Yes, two more days I will be leaving my existing company, GuocoLand. And I will be starting a new career journey in Entellium Technologies on 12 February, which is around 2 weeks later. It has been one year and seven months here in GuocoLand. Time flies.

It was an exciting journey at the beginning, probably just for the first 6 months. It was thrilling to have a project to work on, eleave, which is a HR leave system. I felt good working professionally with my superior to brainstorm this eleave together. Think, analyze, refine. But, as times goes by, things has started to get tough. Problems came in one by one. (It is too much to explain here and not that good to share in details of some problems). I began to feel not looking forward for the day.

After I completed my eleave, I wasn’t given any new system to work at. I wasn’t sure the reasons. Maybe my superior thinks I’m not competent for another one. Maybe he afraid if I handle another one and if I resign, then he will face difficulty. Maybe the support work are too much at that time. No matter what reasons, I feel that I began to hate my job function more and more. And other problems in life, added more and more anger in my heart. As a result, my heart got more and more harsh. Not just in the heart, but also in my words, as the bible says, “Out of the overflow of the heart, the mouth speaks.” Our words will describe something of the condition of our heart. With this situation, I think I need to make a decision.

I don’t know when I plan to change job but I think maybe around after my confirmation (my probation was 6 months). I remember how I motivate myself with all my self-motivation skills. Last month, I have typed my resignation letter, which is to be given at the right time (means, after I got my bonus). Finally, in the beginning of this month, January, I received my bonus and immediately I tender my resignation letter on the following day. I have started to apply some job since end of last month and more after I tendered my resignation letter.

In the middle of this month, I got a call for an interview. This company is Entellium Technologies. It is a company which provides software for people to use and it’s office is located in Twin Tower, KLCC. From that day until yesterday, I have had 3 interviews for this application. ( Maybe that show it is not easy to cari makan liao now a days. Hehe … ). And at the end, I got the offer for that software engineer position (the name of the position sounds cool but it is just another name for programmer). Thank you God and everyone’s prayer.

When I got my job in GuocoLand, I have some worriness to the uncertainties. “What working environment will be there?” “What kind of superior I will get?” “How’s the the people there?” “What problems will I face?” and some other thoughts. I guess similar thought came me too for this new job. One thought I have is “Will I able to cope with this job?” “Am I competent enough?” I see myself not competent, my programming skills and knowledge. I think I need to work hard for these 3 month probation. Hopefully and with continual prayer, I hope I am able to sustain and cope with this position.

In spite all much stressful and much frustration I have had in GuocoLand, I also have some happy moment working here. I will miss some people there, especially some to treat me like their friend and being kind to me. Another positive side is, I did learnt much too, especially from my superior, his professionalism and also those techincal skills and people skills.

Thank you for reading. Update with you guys next time in the future 🙂

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