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Train Tracks-Well, it has been almost half a year exploring into education business this year. Started with doing part-time teaching e-Commerce and now I am teaching Professional Diploma in Software Engineering. Overall, I am grateful to have this opportunity to venture into education line. The person who brought me in is my cousin, who is also the COO of this academy. Besides learning much from him, I also respect his leadership quality as a person.

Not only I learn more about how to be a better teacher/trainer/lecturer whatever you may call, I also sharpen back my technical skill in software engineering and web design which I find it pretty fun and interesting. Well, I do create website all these years but my skill are more into web usability side and reuse other people template. I still reuse other people’s template now, but I can customize and re-design from the bare template.

I am quite happy also to be given the change to create a web application back and get paid for doing that. It is an online school management system. It is used by our academy, Eduvo Academy. This ‘exercise’ also helps me to coach an APU student who seek help for her web application project for her Diploma in APU. The funny thing is I was also graduated from APU (back then is known as APIIT) and seek help from my friend for my final year project 🙂

Working environment here is good. My colleague and bosses are also good. Zero politic issue. Love the weekly meeting too which keep all of us focus, productive and improve in our career and as person. I have my own big ‘room’, which is a whole teaching room as well 🙂

This month is a break-through month because finally my Professional Diploma in Software Engineering intake has started. Although just two students, I am glad and grateful that we have this starting point. You know, every successful product or business also has their own starting point. And next month, there might be another part-time student sign up too. Hopefully, more students will sign up in upcoming months.


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