Count Your Blessings – First few months in GHL

One more week will make up four months in GHL and it is good to count my blessings in these first four months in GHL. Compare with my previous job as support in BCSIS:

  • For this new job, I don’t have to standby by 24 hours like previously. Imagine getting the support call during the midnight can affect the health even it just happens once a week. Besides that, after working hour, I can have my own activities and don’t have to be in standby mode (one hour to reach onsite if needed).
  • Since I no longer work as support, this means that I have reduced the use of handphone. Using much handphone is not good for health because of the radiation.
  • In the past, during my support week in Bank Negara, I will park my car there first and walk to office and in the evening, I will walk back to Bank Negara for onsite standby support. This can be bad for the health because of air pollution in that area. Now I no longer needs to.
  • This new job has much better pay than the previous job. Even though I am still under probation, at least I have benefited for four months and should be able to ‘survive’ for awhile hopefully 🙂
  • Lunch kaki – Here I found some good lunch kaki (companion). Four of us usually have lunch together in office pantry and always had a good talk. Talk about work problems and almost everything under the sun. Each feel comfortable to share (including personal and deeper topic) and listen to another. In my previous job, I usually have lunch myself. Even though there are friends there but we hardly talk or share much compare to now.
  • Opportunity to manage – I had non managerial experience before and this is the first job I was given the chance to be a manager. Moreover, in a public listed company. I think usually people need to start from maybe as assistant manager then manager, but I was directly given the chance. Even though I could not cope with it, these fours months are good experience and much blessing already.

Share the positive first. Maybe next time, I share more the problems and challenges I am facing here 🙂

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