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Free Online Tool to Test your Website Performance

From this tool, I can evaluate what area my website needs to improve for better performance. These two websites are free and do not need to register or download anything to use it.

1. GTMetrix



2. Pingdom tool



3. Load Impact – For Stress Test – Cool!




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How to detect fake coins?

Recently, I just learn one quick way to detect a fake coin. It is by using a magnet. If the coins are attracted to the magnet, then it is a fake coin. And so, I tried it out yesterday to my precious collections. The result is all of them does not attracted to the magnet. Of course except the 1 cents and the new coins.


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Warning Light for Engine and RM10 Solution :)

Two weeks ago, for days, my car got this warning light which means something ‘wrong’ related to my car engine.


Went to Perodua Service Center for inspection and after 2-3 hours, they told me that a wire connect to my engine got problem and need to be replaced. The replacement part cost about RM350 and no stock for at least one week. So, I called my father and he told me to go to his working place because he can bring me to check with other workshop. Went there and to my surprise, the mechanics there spotted the ‘broken’ wire and fixed it within just 5 minutes! And the best part is they charged us only RM10! 😀


So in future if you get this same warning light, you better check this wire first and better not send to Perodua Service Center 🙂

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Tips – Yearly Car Insurance Renewal

Sometimes little things that we didn’t do or forgot to do will cause us some extra money. One of them is during our yearly car insurance renewal. My reminder for you is to check our sum assured. This is because every year our car will depreciate in value (I think could be 10% every year). And you just renew your car insurance with the same premium you did last year, you could paying extra.

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Buy Books From

First time bought some books from Do you know that you can buy second-hand books from Amazon at a good deal? The shipping cost back to Malaysia to not cheap though but you can consider another cheaper alternative which is to ship for your US address Portland (you can get this address from for free (if your purchase is above USD25 at Then ship them from Portland to Malaysia. It works. Last week I got my books already.

Actually how much shipping cost depends also how heavy is your package. I thought at comgateway, my charges is based on my 0.83 KG volume but actually they charge me 1.5 KG instead. This is because 0.83 KG is actual weight but 1.44 KG is my Volumetric weight (Comgateway’s charges is based on every increment of 0.5 KG. Example, 0.3 KG will be based on 0.5 KG). Volumetric weight depends on how bulky the package is. Larger packages have a higher volumetric weight. The actual weight of a package refers to how heavy it is. For new customer at comgateway, you got 10% shipping cost discount also.

It is best to compare amazon’s with comgateway shipping cost first, then only decide to choose which one. For Amazon, one of the problems is, some of the item, they don’t ship to Malaysia.