California Fitness – Part 4

May and June’s Update
Some same old update thing from me. For May, my attendance is 69% (miss four times) and for June is 85% (miss twice). Looks like May is the worst month at the moment. Anyway, just to update you guys that I’m still on. I think the one big thing I hope to ‘fix’ is my fat tummy. Not sure why it has gotten big. Maybe I eat too much nasi lemak and drink much milo (two cups a day recently). Right now, my weight, it is still hanging in between around 56.5 kg. What I should gain is muscles, not fat. Hehe…

Beware of Thief
Last Monday, 30 June 2008, I lost my watch in Men’s Changing Room. Well, I believe it was stolen. What happen is that time I was weighing myself. Because I want to have more accurate measurement, I took out as many thing from me as possible. So, I took out my watch and my locker keys and put them down on the floor, together with other things like my water bottle, pen, writing pad and a pair of shoes.

Then, I went to the basin, which is just besides the weighing scale, to wash my hands. Then, I went back to grab all my stuff and quickly go to my locker and then to changing room to changing. Only when I was changing, I realize that my watch was there! I went back, it wasn’t there.

Actually, I have already heard that there are lockers got unlocked by thief and I know that I shouldn’t put my watch on the floor just like that. In fact, this is the first time I did that. I thought, “Aiya, I am sure won’t get it one lah. So short time. How can it possible?”. Well, my foolishness and naiveness paid the price.

Though it was not too expensive, but I felt the pinch of it. I like my watch. I rely on it a lot. But, no matter how I felt, I won’t able to get it back. I just need to learn from the lesson. So, if you are a California Fitness member as well, beware of thief. They are out there and they are quick as well. Don’t look down or take it for granted, even five seconds. They can get it done in less that, easily, I believe.

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