Web Usability

Best Resources for Web Usability

“Studies show that for every dollar a company invests to increase usability, it receives $10-$100 in benefits, and wins customer satisfaction and loyalty.” – IBM

What is usability? Why is it important? How to improve it?

Somewhere from 2004-2005, I was asked to develop recruitment website. Since then, I begin to fall in love on web usability. It is interesting. I read many articles about it. I applied what I learnt on this recruitment website and my own personal home page. Until today I am still passionate about it, in fact more lately.

Here, I would like to provide some best resouces you can look for if you are keen about it.

  • – Written by Jakob Nielsen (his credential).
  • – There are eight Ph.D who has contributed to this web usability guidelines. It is a very comprehensive study (292 pdf pages). There are many print screens to help you to understand certain points in this pdf file.
  • – If you are still not enough of it, there are 786 links for you to go there. Some might be a repeat though.
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