Starbucks Simple Payroll System

Next week, the Software Engineering one month course I am teaching will end. Overall, I am happy to see the progress of my students. They have improved much in their programming skills. Their assignment title is “Starbucks Simple Payroll System”. While they are doing their assignment, I also do a sample version for them. So, Read more about Starbucks Simple Payroll System[…]

Organize your code with Region

When you have many related functions, you can consider to group them together using Region. Example, if you have four functions which are related to Paging, you can just add a region like below (ASP.NET 1.1, VB.NET syntax): #Region “Paging” Public Property CurrentPage() As Integer ‘ Your code here … End Property Private Sub ImgBtnPrevBottom_Click(ByVal Read more about Organize your code with Region[…]