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Bible Discussion: Theme is “New”

Intro: Introduce yourself and what’s the ‘new’ thing with you today? —— I will start with a quiz. [picture to be shown on TV –] What can you observe? Trend changes fast esp IT/gadget trend. Ie. One funny trend is from big size, it evolves to smaller size. Then to bigger size for bigger Read more about Bible Discussion: Theme is “New”[…]

First Portable Home Bus in Malaysia?

I just came back from NHNA carnival. Thought of returning the Immunology book I borrowed from the library but it closed today. Found this interesting “Portable Home Bus” for display The whole “Portable Home Bus” is so comfortable and it should fit at least eight person. The sales person said that this concept is common Read more about First Portable Home Bus in Malaysia?[…]

Tips – Ways to park 2 cars in 1 parking space

Method 1: Tandem Parking – Meaning the second car is ‘outside’ and the first car is ‘inside’. You can use this way if your second car always leave first. Method 2: “Cross Parking” – If the side parking space is long enough like mine and your two cars are small and ‘short’, you can try Read more about Tips – Ways to park 2 cars in 1 parking space[…]