Internet And The Devil

According to the statistic, the number of people accessing to the Internet grew exponentially every year especially these few recent years which are the blooming years for the smart phone and tablets. Of course the getting-cheaper Internet data plan also contributed to the statistic. With Internet, we can able to do almost anything with it, online shopping, e-banking (interbank transfer eGiro only cost RM0.10 per transaction in Malaysia here now. It used to be RM2.00!), social networking, researching, entertainment, e-training, cloud storage, gaming and the list goes on.

But bear in mind that Internet is a double-edge sword. The negative sides from the Internet are as much as the positive sides. In short, I would say that Internet or online can cause addiction. We can be addicted to various types of online addictions (aka Internet Devils), examples online gaming (i.e. Candy Crush Saga), facebooking, pornography, online forums, online chating, online gambling, youtube and so on.

For me, I need to confess that I am also an Internet addict. During online, I am easily addicted to some of the types listed above. I would go to the Old Town nearby my house to go online and sometimes stay there until 11pm. One of the temptations I easily fell into during online is Internet pornography. I know in the past I did shared that I have this Netnanny to protect me but what happened was on December 2012, I bought a new laptop which came with Window 8 in default. I could request to change it to Window 7 but if I did so, I won’t be able to change back to Window 8 and one of the features I like on Window 8 is faster bootup time (few seconds to boot up window). That time I had so much dillema and struggling to decide which Window should I choose. This is because if I take Window 7, I could not enjoy Window 8’s quick boot up and other Window 8 latest features. But if I take Window 8, NetNanny for Window 8 is not release yet. I have checked with Netnanny. They said that NetNanny for Window 8 will release during first quarter on 2013. Eventually I took Window 8, thinking “I just gotta persevere for about three months”. But the truth is, many a times I could not resist the temptation. And because of my struggle in this area also, I decided to cancel my data plan last year and not to buy a smart phone (I know even a kid or grandy got a smart phone hehe). Although it is not a must for a smart phone owner to subscribe data plan but it doesn’t make sense having a smart phone without data plan too. Anyway, last month, finally NetNanny for Window 8 was released and I got it installed last month until today. I am also grateful to have my two church brother’s in Christ to keep the password for me. I hope you too have a web filtering software like NetNanny or Family Safety (free from Window 8) if you have the same struggles like me.

Beginning of this month, the whole church was encouraged to take up a 40-days fasting challenge. It can be any types of fasting. Some fast for facebook, some fast for meat, some fast for not solid food, some fast for coffee and etc. For me, I fast for Internet, from 8pm until 8am. Somewhere this month, I also add extra fast which is Astro too. During this one month fasting, it has helped me much to fine-tune my pattern of my schedule. I am thinking to keep this good pattern even after 40 days fasting period. In fact, I want to take it higher by changing the time to 7pm until 8am. Recently, I also discover that Window 8 has this Family Safety feature which almost like Netnanny. In fact, it seems better because I wish to block everything except only a few websites which I can access and to have a daily time limit. It it works, it is going to be really awesome because I do not need to pay licensing fee for NetNanny and at the same with get greater online restriction for my own good.

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