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Yesterday was my last day in Entellium Technologies. It has been three months plus working in this CRM leader company. In the beginning, it is exciting to me because I was given a small assignment. This assignment is an enhancement feature to the existing system.

But this joy came to an end after I was asked to pass this assigment to my supervisor. From then onwards, my job function is more on support. Support here mean example, providing access to certain user, add/remove licenses, bug-fixing and etc. I do not exactly know why I was given a support and bug-fixing role. Maybe they want me to get more familiar with the exisitng system through this way. Or maybe this is due to my incompetency.

I have to admit to since then, I wasn’t that happy. Maybe the below are the possible reasons:

  • Nothing much to do, at times. When I do not have much work, I do not know what to do in my working hour and this usually leads me to surf the Internet and that leads to guilt because taking the salary but not really working or contribute to the company. I feel much time is wasted because of that because when no work, mean I won’t learn anything and nothing to exercise the brain.
  • Work not being appreciated.
  • Feel neglected

Lost the confidence and low self-esteem
At one point of time, I realize that I have been loosing my confidence. I’m not what I used to be in the past. I felt extremely timid when I’m showing the problem in front of my monitor to my supervisor. My confidence has dropped to the pitt, one of the lowest. I’m like someone just come from college, a fresh grad or worst than that. My self-esteem got much affected seeing the one who joins later than me pick up faster than me. I feel that I’m the lousiest in the company. At times, I imagine my work is like washing dishes while others are doing bigger things like cooking, cutting. I don’t feel valuable to the company. I don’t feel I’m important to the company. I feel I’m redundant. But, I need not to let this continue to reign over me. I need to change these thoughts. I need mind change. I don’t have to be low self-esteem. I need not to compare myself with others.

Back Door
When it is about end of the third month of my probation, I think I can’t pull through my probation. So, I think it’s better for me to start to look for job and I did. I searched some jobs in Jobstreet and applied two.

One more month probation as extension probation
At the last day of my third month, my manager talks to me about my employment status. In summary, I wasn’t perform well enough because I couldn’t contribute a lot to the company, which is due to my lack of expertise in one area. And at the end, he gave one more month to see if I can improve to meet his expecation.

Few days later, I received the assignment from my senior. He asked me how long will I take to complete it. I said two weeks. As days went by, I realize that I can finish this assignment on time and this also means very high possiblity I have pull through my one month extension of probation.

Called for an interview
Remember, I did applied two from Jobstreet? One of them called me for an interview and I went. At that time, I feel hesitated, because I have confidence with my assignment and also I can pull through my probation. Besides that, it has been three long months here. If I changes, I need to start again. Also I saw much strength in Entellium. But, I still went for the interview, in thinking, afterall I have nothing to loose.

During the interview, I purposely put a very high expected salary because of what I wrote in previous paragraph. He also asked if he gave me a project in VB.NET, will I take the challenge. I said yes. About the expected salary, we negotiated. It was little than my expected salary but higher than my existing salary. At the end, the interview felt good about me overall but I need to wait for one week to get an answer.

After the interview and my decision-making time
Meanwhile while waiting for that offer, I continued to work on my assignment. It went pretty smoothly. The module I did got more and more refined and clean.

During that one week, it was my decision-making time. At the end, I have decided, if they willing to offer me, I will take it, with two reasons. One is it is a rare opportunity to be given a project using VB.NET. .NET is where I wish to reach. Another reason is the salary is higher than the existing.

One week has passed, I got a call from the interviewer and he agreed to give me an offer. Few days later, I submitted my resignation letter and the same day was also my last day, which is on 30 May 2007 and I will start my new job on 1 June 2007.

Antipation, worriness and prepartion
These similar questions popped up when I got my both previous jobs, Entellium and GLM. “What kind of atmosphere and culture of this new company? What kind of person my superior is? What kind of person my peers are? What problems will I face there? Will I able to cope with my job functions?”

I wish the atmosphere and culture can be like in GLM or ASLI. I wish my superior can like as mature as Mr Heng and Westley. I think I have best moment working with Westley in ASLI, but under Mr Heng also not bad. I think these two ex-superior are the one I respected the most.

At the same time, I also need to prepare for the worst. No matter what the reality is, I should not be regret because this is the risk (taking this offer) that I have taken. No matter what the reality is, I should not blame anyone because I am the one who make this decision and need to bare whatever consequence of this decision.

The good of Entellium Technology
I should have mentioned about this. Anyway, these are what I still remember:

  • Awards & Recognition – Indeed! Check this out.
  • Twin Tower – Who won’t want to get a chance to work in the best and tallest building in Malaysia? The view from there is excellent.
  • Systematic – I like their process there. Unlike the companies I worked in the past, whereby I did everything, from development to live production server all by myself, here I need to follow the process. Example, you need to get approval from your senior first before you go to the next steps. The process is also not too much or too redundant or too rigid. It is quite ideal.
  • Coffee maker – I really enjoy it a lot as you know how much I love coffee. This coffee maker is like those coffee maker at Starbuck, where you can fill in the real coffee bean into a transparent container and then you just need to press a button and, the machice will grinde the coffee bean to produce your fresh coffee. Working there can make you feel like you are at Starbuck everyday.
  • RM10 per day car Park allowance – This is a very unique benefits for the staff. They will give you maximum up to RM10 per day for your car park allowance if you drive to work.
  • Vending machine – You can get those can drink (i.e. 100 plus) as many as you can for free. But, don’t abuse it lah.

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