Starbucks Simple Payroll System

Next week, the Software Engineering one month course I am teaching will end. Overall, I am happy to see the progress of my students. They have improved much in their programming skills. Their assignment title is “Starbucks Simple Payroll System”. While they are doing their assignment, I also do a sample version for them. So, Read more about Starbucks Simple Payroll System[…]

Some difficulties of learning ASP.NET

Difficulties 1: Tools Say, in your company, you are using Visual Studio 2003 and in order to improve your skill, you want to put give more time to learn it at home. But, the problem is you do not have Visual Studio 2003 at home. You went to check and realize that there is one Read more about Some difficulties of learning ASP.NET[…]

Debug vs Release Build

During implementation stage, what we normally do is we build (or compile) it as usual and then copy and paste the dll file from local to development server for testing. And after the testing is succesfully, we moved the dll from development server to staging server for testing again and then to production server. Everything Read more about Debug vs Release Build[…]