What is Software Engineering and WHY it is important?

What is programming/coding? Writing very specific instructions to a very dumb but obedient machine. Computers are designed to execute a set of instructions. Programming is the act of creating a set of instructions for a computer to execute.     What is software engineering?  Software engineering is a discipline for solving business problems by designing Read more about What is Software Engineering and WHY it is important?[…]

Starbucks Simple Payroll System

Next week, the Software Engineering one month course I am teaching will end. Overall, I am happy to see the progress of my students. They have improved much in their programming skills. Their assignment title is “Starbucks Simple Payroll System”. While they are doing their assignment, I also do a sample version for them. So, Read more about Starbucks Simple Payroll System[…]

My Software Development Principles

Everyone has his/her own working principles and these are some of mine. These principles are the main one I always focus in my software or website development. Well, just some of my principles 🙂 Usability For me, this means the system is easy to use or user-friendly. This includes good navigation link, consistency, correct usage of Read more about My Software Development Principles[…]