30th April 2014 – 16th Anniversary

16 years ago, my mom and I attended the Sunday church service at Melia Hotel and was ushered to sit in second row. The sermon entitled “What Are You Waiting For?” was preached by Halbert Louis and amazingly both of us didn’t fall asleep at all during the whole sermon which we normally did 😀 The next day Weng Hong studied the bible with me. Next day continue with a marathon of 5 lessons bible studies within 7 hours (that week was the last week of my college break). Next day continue study bible for another 3 lessons – Vincent Sim (cross lesson) and Wong Mun Foo Michael (baptism lesson). Next day continue to do some follow-up studies and then get baptized at night at Seri Emas condo at Cheras on 30/4/1998. After awhile, I realize that it was the last day of the campaign month 😀 Thank God that I’m still faithful today. Imagine just 4 days of foundation. Thanks to my mom, Karen Chan for first invited me to this church. Thanks for all who studied the bible with me. Thanks for the love, cards and encouragement from the campus. Thanks to the one-on-one strict discipling from Ngui Jack Fui during my first 2 years as young Christian. Without all these, I don’t think I can survive spiritually that time.

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