Portfolio – Online Desk Order (Production) System

With this Online Desk Order (Production) System, sales person or sales coordinator can create the quotation, purchase order and invoice online (anytime and anywhere). Different user roles will have different access right functions as below:

  1. Sales Coordinator: Create and maintain desk order and invoice.
  2. Sales Manager: View sales report.
  3. Sales Executive: Check desk order status.
  4. Factory Supervisor: Create and maintain delivery order, update desk order status.
  5. Managing Director: View sales report.
  6. Administrator: Create and maintain employee user ID.

Once new purchase order comes in, factory supervisor can start the production. At any stage, the factory supervisor can update the status of the sales order. By doing that, sales person can get the latest status of the sales order to update customer.

For the management, sales monthly report can be viewed and generated to review company’s sales performance.

Here are some sample screen shot.