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eCommerce and social media FB marketing Workshop

Hi, I will be conducting a 2 days workshop this July 2017.

Workshop Title: 2 Day e-Commerce and Social Media Marketing Workshop
Organized by Eduvo Academy @ Puchong

Training Date: 22-23 July 2017
Time: 9.30am – 5pm
Address: 8-3, Jalan Puteri , Bandar Puteri Puchong, 47100, Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia Note: Taman Perindustrian Puchong LRT station is 5-7 minutes walking distance.

Maximum student in one class: 5 (2 person registered)
Requirement: Knows how to use a computer and Facebook. Need to have a laptop for your hands-on practical session.
Teaching method: 30% concept. 70% hands-on practical.
Language: Chinese / English
FREE domain and web hosting plan for ONE year.

For more info, contact Steve Ngai at 016-2775883 or visit


Education Line – Something New

Well, it has been almost half a year exploring into education business this year. Started with doing part-time teaching e-Commerce and now I am teaching Professional Diploma in Software Engineering. Overall, I am grateful to have this opportunity to venture into education line. The person who brought me in is my cousin, who is also the COO of this academy. Besides learning much from him, I also respect his leadership quality as a person.

Not only I learn more about how to be a better teacher/trainer/lecturer whatever you may call, I also sharpen back my technical skill in software engineering and web design which I find it pretty fun and interesting. Well, I do create website all these years but my skill are more into web usability side and reuse other people template. I still reuse other people’s template now, but I can customize and re-design from the bare template.

I am quite happy also to be given the change to create a web application back and get paid for doing that. It is an online school management system. It is used by our academy, Eduvo Academy. This ‘exercise’ also helps me to coach an APU student who seek help for her web application project for her Diploma in APU. The funny thing is I was also graduated from APU (back then is known as APIIT) and seek help from my friend for my final year project 🙂

Working environment here is good. My colleague and bosses are also good. Zero politic issue. Love the weekly meeting too which keep all of us focus, productive and improve in our career and as person. I have my own big ‘room’, which is a whole teaching room as well 🙂

This month is a break-through month because finally my Professional Diploma in Software Engineering intake has started. Although just two students, I am glad and grateful that we have this starting point. You know, every successful product or business also has their own starting point. And next month, there might be another part-time student sign up too. Hopefully, more students will sign up in upcoming months.



Count Your Blessing – Career

Towards the end of last year 2012, I have been searching and applying for some jobs. I even went for some interviews too but not successful. One day, I received an email from member of my church who is in head hunter line asked if I’m looking for job. I said yes. I wonder how she knew I was looking for job that time. Anyway, she hook me up with her colleague to recommend me a job. It was a technical position which I went for the interview. During the interview, I took the short technical test and after that the interviewer also did ask me what I like to do and good at. I said documentation. One reason is because documentation seems lacking in most companies and somehow I like to create those diagrams especially sequence diagrams which I showed some sequence diagrams I did to them.

After the interview, I don’t have that much confidence that I can get the job because I don’t think I did that well for that technical test. But to my suprise, I got a call by the same head hunter who introduced me to his company, that the company was pleased with my attitude and they want to offer me a “QC Manager” position instead and need me to attend the second interview which I did. I felt kinda stun because all these while, I have never worked as even Assistant Manager position, what’s more a manager position. I have mix feeling, afraid whether I can cope with it or not and same time feeling excited to have that opportunity. During the second interview, the interviewer assured me much and at the end, I took the job and the challenge. I knew if I let it go, I might have one of the biggest regrets of my life.

Indeed holding a managerial position has its challenges especially in the beginning but it doesn’t seem to be as challenging as I have imagine in the beginning also. Maybe my department is pretty small to have that many things to manage and ironically the only person under my department doesn’t need to report to me. Anyway, during this probation period, overall I don’t think that I am performing that well but to my suprise, I scored quite okay during the appraisal and last week I got the confirmation letter from my manager. I am grateful to be confirmed even though I don’t deserve it and to receive this blessing from God in a surpise!


Count Your Blessings – First few months in GHL

One more week will make up four months in GHL and it is good to count my blessings in these first four months in GHL. Compare with my previous job as support in BCSIS:

  • For this new job, I don’t have to standby by 24 hours like previously. Imagine getting the support call during the midnight can affect the health even it just happens once a week. Besides that, after working hour, I can have my own activities and don’t have to be in standby mode (one hour to reach onsite if needed).
  • Since I no longer work as support, this means that I have reduced the use of handphone. Using much handphone is not good for health because of the radiation.
  • In the past, during my support week in Bank Negara, I will park my car there first and walk to office and in the evening, I will walk back to Bank Negara for onsite standby support. This can be bad for the health because of air pollution in that area. Now I no longer needs to.
  • This new job has much better pay than the previous job. Even though I am still under probation, at least I have benefited for four months and should be able to ‘survive’ for awhile hopefully 🙂
  • Lunch kaki – Here I found some good lunch kaki (companion). Four of us usually have lunch together in office pantry and always had a good talk. Talk about work problems and almost everything under the sun. Each feel comfortable to share (including personal and deeper topic) and listen to another. In my previous job, I usually have lunch myself. Even though there are friends there but we hardly talk or share much compare to now.
  • Opportunity to manage – I had non managerial experience before and this is the first job I was given the chance to be a manager. Moreover, in a public listed company. I think usually people need to start from maybe as assistant manager then manager, but I was directly given the chance. Even though I could not cope with it, these fours months are good experience and much blessing already.

Share the positive first. Maybe next time, I share more the problems and challenges I am facing here 🙂


First Week In New Job

This week was my first week of my new job. Overall, I feel it has been good so far.

  • Able to get to know most of colleagues and seems like able to connect with most of them (I think some credit goes to PhewTick, haha!).
  • Have group lunch with colleagues everyday except one day I tapau.
  • Play badminton with colleagues on Friday night for two hours after work.
  • Has been facing up my the task assigned to me.
  • Has been having constant communication with my superior to update him of my work progress, my plan and the issue encountered.
  • Also able to be comfortable communicate with my own team too even though one of them is only able to converse in Mandarin.

Need to keep it up this ‘high note’ constantly though 🙂

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