Count Your Blessing – Career

Towards the end of last year 2012, I have been searching and applying for some jobs. I even went for some interviews too but not successful. One day, I received an email from member of my church who is in head hunter line asked if I’m looking for job. I said yes. I wonder how she knew I was looking for job that time. Anyway, she hook me up with her colleague to recommend me a job. It was a technical position which I went for the interview. During the interview, I took the short technical test and after that the interviewer also did ask me what I like to do and good at. I said documentation. One reason is because documentation seems lacking in most companies and somehow I like to create those diagrams especially sequence diagrams which I showed some sequence diagrams I did to them.

After the interview, I don’t have that much confidence that I can get the job because I don’t think I did that well for that technical test. But to my suprise, I got a call by the same head hunter who introduced me to his company, that the company was pleased with my attitude and they want to offer me a “QC Manager” position instead and need me to attend the second interview which I did. I felt kinda stun because all these while, I have never worked as even Assistant Manager position, what’s more a manager position. I have mix feeling, afraid whether I can cope with it or not and same time feeling excited to have that opportunity. During the second interview, the interviewer assured me much and at the end, I took the job and the challenge. I knew if I let it go, I might have one of the biggest regrets of my life.

Indeed holding a managerial position has its challenges especially in the beginning but it doesn’t seem to be as challenging as I have imagine in the beginning also. Maybe my department is pretty small to have that many things to manage and ironically the only person under my department doesn’t need to report to me. Anyway, during this probation period, overall I don’t think that I am performing that well but to my suprise, I scored quite okay during the appraisal and last week I got the confirmation letter from my manager. I am grateful to be confirmed even though I don’t deserve it and to receive this blessing from God in a surpise!

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